Full Stack PHP Developer at Personalburg e.K. (since 2022)

Lead developer for various PHP-based Applications, including a multi-domain Website manager with configurable templates, web scraping software, and search engine and performance optimization.

Key tools: Virtualized local LAMP development environments, Laravel, Laravel Artisan (using custom commands), Linux CLI

Research Assistant at the Goethe University Frankfurt (2017 - 2022)

Employed via the student associate system by Prof. Dr. Michael Kinski with the express directive to develop and manage IIIF-compliant web software for the curation and viewing as well as on-document transcription and annotation of digitized woodblock prints from the Edo bunko wood block print collection of the Frankfurt Japanology.   

Additional Responsibilities 

  • Presenting the resulting software and research utilizing it during research symposiums and conferences. 
  • Managing other web projects.
  • Participating in work groups and master coursers as a technical advisor.

Technical Consultant (2020 - 2021) 

Made key adjustments to the DemiScript software developed during RA tenure to accommodate the annotation of digitized Edo period picture maps and the creation of interactive digital maps for the research project “Edo Period Map Goes Digital - The O Edo ezu as an Interactive Resource”, funded by the Arts Research Center of the Ritsumeikan University, Kyôto, Japan.

Additional Experiences

Has worked as a private tutor for Japanese and English language students and performed freelance interpreting work for the German Police (German-English and German-Japanese) on occasion.

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