• 2017–   - Master of Arts student, Japanology; Goethe University Frankfurt 
    • Study Vector 1: Japanese Literature, Art, and Popular Culture. Key papers:
      • Technical Translation (Japanese -> German): Excerpts from Sawaragi Noi's catalogue for the 2011 Fukushima Disaster related exhibition "Don't Follow the Wind" (2015).
      • Paper: "Der Teufel, der in die Welt Überschwappte" (en.: The Devil that spilled over into the World), an art interpretation of the works "Electric Civilization" and "Great Civilization" from Ueno Yosuke's "311" art series in the context of processing crises in post-Fukushima art. 
      • Paper: "「こういうこともある。」" (en.: There are times like this too), an interpretation of the Anime series "Goblin Slayer" in the context of the dominant Isekai genre in fantasy anime of the 2010s.
    • Study Vector 2: Japanese Cultural and Idea History (Special Focus on Digital Humanities). Key papers:
      • Technical Translation (Japanese -> German): "Der Stoff aus dem Legenden gemacht sind" (en.: The stuff of legends), an annotated translation from Ushiki Yukio's article "The Wealthy Farmer in the Early Meiji-Period - People of great Renown" (Meiji Zenki no Gônô - Chihô Meibôka).
      • Digital Project: "Shin Tôto Saijiki - The Annual Shrine and Festival Visits of Saitô Gesshin", a digitally augmented map using DemiScript software.


  • 2018 - B.A. Thesis: “The Digital Edo Bunko - Planning of a Digital Collection System for Japanese Documents Using Joomla! CMS and Current Web Technologies and Implementation with the Edo Bunko Corpus of Edo Period Wood Block Prints of the Frankfurt School”; Grade 1.0


  • 2017 - Attained N3 Proficiency in the official Japanese Language Proficiency Test (View Certificate)


  • 2010-2018 - Bachelor of Arts student; major: Japanology, minor: American Studies; Goethe University Frankfurt (View Degree)


  • 2010 - Abitur (2.1); Internationale Deutsche Schule Brüssel, Belgium
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