Development on the DemiScript software began in early 2017 and its planned and implemented features as a IIIF-viewer and transcription/annotation tool were outlined in Koray Birenheide's Bachelor thesis The Digital Edo Bunko (Birenheide 2018). Since then, its development as a DH tool for transcribing and annotating Japanese woodblock prints has continued and the software was further enhanced for the digital augmentation of pictures and maps for the Ritsumeikan University Arts Research Center funded Edo Period Map goes Digital Project (2020-21).

During a grant application in 2022, the DemiScript software was highly lauded and its umbrella-project recommended for special funding by three independent experts called on by the German Research Society (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).

The latest public presentation of DemiScript took place in August 2022 during the 18th German Japanologist Day in Düsseldorf, where the software was showcased during a 90-minute workshop alongside its code release on GitHub under an MIT-license: DemiScript GitHub

The Shin Tôto Saijiki (2021)

As part of a MA course hosted by Prof. Michael Kinski during the winter term 2017/18, students conducted research on old picture maps (ezu) of Edo and Kyôto. Using the experience gained during this course, Koray Birenheide completed a Master course term paper called "Shin Tôto Saijiki - Creating a digitally augmented Edo ezu showing the annual events and shrine visits of Saitô Gesshin during the Edo Period" in 2020, which was accompanied by a digitally enhanced map utilizing DemiScript software.

This digital project incorporates both that digitally enhanced map and findings from his term paper to provide the viewer with rich, visual insights into the annual travels across the city of Edo by Kanda ward representitive Saitô Gesshin (1804-1878).

Gates of Aqualon

Gates of Aqualon is a creative writing project centered around novels, short stories, and lore articles set in the fictional world of Aqualon, created by Koray Birenheide. Starting out as a fiction writer at age 14, he has amassed a large corpus of work and won several writing awards.

Awards and Publications

2019: World Ember writing competition, "Best Building award", 1st place for: Dunhearst Asylum

2019: A Family Affair, 2nd place for: The Jô'oo Clan

2018: Short story publication, "The Black Priest of Rastrowel". in: Worldbuilding Magazine, Vol. 2, #5 

2018: Snake Eyes Challenge, 1st place for: Age of Heroes



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